People fleeing siege are helped by funds raised

A partner organisation has been using BEARR funding to help people who have escaped from Kharkiv in the north-east and Mariupol, the city on the Azov Sea that has been under siege and bombardment for three weeks. They said:

“We continue to help Ukrainians in this difficult time, provide material assistance to families who suffer from the war and lose their relatives. Thanks to our partners The BEARR Trust 🙏🙏🙏 who do not leave us, it is very important for all of us, because we are ONE✊! We believe that Mariupol will stand! We will rebuild it after the war, make it even more beautiful. Children will be born, and will laugh … we support Mariupol citizens who were able to escape from hell to other safer regions of Ukraine. Grateful Mariupol people send messages of thanks to our organization and our partners the BEARR Trust.”

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