‘Memories of Moscow: Memoirs of a Medical Diplomat’ by Dr Harald Lipman

Dr Lipman’s memoirs of his time living in and working at the British Embassy in Moscow will be of interest to anyone who also experienced those fascinating years of the 1980s and 1990s in Russia. Dr Lipman was the Embassy’s Medical Attaché at the time that Jill Braithwaite, wife of the British Ambassador, proposed setting up The BEARR Trust, and he has been a loyal supporter of BEARR ever since. Elsewhere in this newsletter we report on Tushinskaya Trust, the charity set up by Dr Lipman and his wife, Nahid, which was recently dissolved and transferred its remaining assets to BEARR. 

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‘Memories of Moscow’ is available on Kindle and in paperback here: ow.ly/2GaC50CHKPM.

Dr Lipman has kindly offered to donate to BEARR 50% of any royalties from his book. We wish him great success with it. 

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