Small Grants Scheme 2022: Results

This year, BEARR’s Small Grants Scheme sought applications from across Eastern Europe and Central Asia for two separate themes.

The first strand, Project A, invited applications for projects to improve the social welfare of migrant workers and the wellbeing of their families.

The second strand, Project B, invited projects from previous BEARR grantees that would improve their organisational resilience and support the wellbeing of staff and volunteers.

When the deadline for this year’s Small Grant Scheme was approaching, BEARR held a webinar for prospective applicants on how to write a strong application. Over 100 CSO representatives from across the region where BEARR works joined. BEARR trustee Ross Gill spoke about the application process and shared his top tips as an assessor. For details click here.


We were delighted to receive 98 project proposals across both strands, with at least one application from each of the 12 countries BEARR works with.

Chosen Grantees

We are pleased to announce that the following 21 projects were selected:

Project A

Baku Volunteer Centre, Azerbaijan 

To support young migrants and migrant women affected by the economic effects of COVID-19 with a series of training sessions and seminars. The project also seeks to raise awareness about migrant rights and gender-based violence. Read their project report here.

Centre for Initiative Youth, Kyrgyzstan 

To provide free mental health support for labour migrants in order for them to improve their resilience and achieve their personal goals abroad.  

Dialogue, Trust, Rights, Kyrgyzstan 

Training for teachers to provide psychological support for children of migrant workers. The project aims to work with 12 schools and over 800 children in the Batken province, where 14% of minors have at least one parent in migration. Read their project report here.


To support unemployed families of migrant workers, women and girls aged 18-65. Beneficiaries will receive skills training to start their own business or find work in various fields, with the courses ranging from computer science and sewing, to budgeting and time management. Read their project report here.

Insan-Leilek, Kyrgyzstan 

To protect the labour rights of vulnerable migrant women in Yekaterinburg by raising public awareness about the legal prohibition, prevention and response to sexual harassment of migrant women at work, and providing psychological support for victims of such violence.  Read their project report here.

Khachmeruk Educational Consulting Centre Foundation, Armenia 

Vocational training for the wives of absent migrant workers in the Shirak region, an area of Armenia with high rates of poverty and unemployment. Alongside skills training, the project will provide beneficiaries with social and psychological support.

Legal Analysis and Research Public Union, Azerbaijan 

Pro-bono legal support for migrant workers and their families in Azerbaijan. As well as offering free legal advice and representation for migrant workers from India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries, the project will also provide training to other NGOs working with migrants in the country. Read their project report here.

Najiba, Tajikistan 

To support women and their families abandoned by labour migrants through a series of self-help groups and social business development projects. Beneficiaries will be advised by a professional mentor, and the start-up projects will be presented to Najiba’s board members.  

New Generation Humanitarian NGO, Armenia 

To improve the social well-being and empowerment of migrants’ families by training wives of Armenian migrant workers in business development, leadership, and women rights and equality. Read their project report here.

Oasis, Kyrgyzstan 

An educational program to prepare and support care leavers and migrant children from rural areas involved in internal migration to Osh and Bishkek. The project aims to ensure responsible and safe migration by improving the legal literacy of beneficiaries and providing information about educational opportunities and legal employment. Read their project report here.

Partnership for Education and Communication, Georgia 

To support the integration and socio-economic empowerment of young migrant workers returning to Georgia, primarily those returning from seasonal work in Turkey. Activities include mentoring and employment training. Read their project here.

PO MIR, Tajikistan 

A micro-enterprise project for women, with mentoring and financial literacy training for wives, daughters, and mothers of migrant workers aged 18-50 in two target jamoats of the Isfara region. Read their project report here.

Project B

Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers, Ukraine 

Improving the external and internal communications systems to unite the team, minimise employee burnout and strengthen units on the way to achieving their goals.

Inclusive Studies, Ukraine 

Mediation training for members of staff to help promote the idea of inclusion among the target audience and community members.

KEDEM, Moldova 

An educational seminar for long-term volunteers and volunteers active during the pandemic on the themes of online safety, nutrition, volunteering, first aid, psychological security and internal wellbeing. Read their project report here.

League of Polish Women, Moldova 

A training event for the staff of the Playback Theatre conducted by experts in the field, in order to develop and promote the therapeutic benefits of the theatre throughout Moldova. Read their project report here.

NGO Center, Armenia

To update the official website and improve the organisation’s online visibility, as well as increase website security following repeated cyber attacks.

Partnership for Education and Communication, Georgia 

To conduct resilience training for employees and volunteers, and create an online mentoring platform to integrate the training into the organisation’s long-term strategy.

PO MIR, Tajikistan 

A strategic planning session to develop the goals of the organisation over the next two years, alongside conducting a psychological assessment of all staff to identify the levels of stress and emotional burnout.

Public Assessors of the Republic of Tajikistan 

A training session to improve the digital security of our workers and volunteers, as well as medical treatment to maintain the physical wellbeing of staff.

Women’s Fund for Development, Georgia 

To support the wellbeing of the staff and volunteers by  creating a safe space for relaxation breaks, meditation and therapy. Employees will also take part in integrated wellness workshops, outdoor trips, yoga classes and one-to-one psychological sessions.

Congratulations to all our grantees on their thoughtful and varied project proposals. We look forward to working with them and sharing their project updates over the coming months!

Our 2022 Small Grants Scheme is being funded by donations from Just Trust and BEARR’s individual supporters. Additionally, we are incredibly grateful to our major donor for their contribution to the scheme.

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