Project report: Together we are a force!

SGS 2023 Grantee: Rushdi Inclusia, with Zanoni komyob, Rogun district, Tajikistan.

Project: To inform and support the marginalised population in Rogun.

From August 2023 “Rushdi (develop) Inclusia”, a public organisation for parents of children with disabilities and specialists, in collaboration with the public organisation “Zanoni komyob” (successful women) in Rogun district, have implemented the project “Together we are a force!”, whose goal was to inform and support the marginalised population in the Rogun district of Tajikistan. This project was supported by The BEARR Trust Small Grants Scheme.

Here is their report:

As part of the project we collected information on a database of 196 families with a child with a disability, provided more than 58 sessions of psychological support to the parents and children, and counselled more than 168 parents on the rights of families with children with disabilities, including the right of the child to inclusive education locally, thereby preventing the child from entering the boarding school system in Rogun district.

We created an organisation/information channel or platform (YouTube and Telegram channels) for online access to information on inclusion and other issues, with the involvement of experts and representatives of government bodies. There we posted more than 10 video clips, interviews with Government representatives and with parents whose children with disabilities are successfully integrated into mainstream education.

Thanks to the project, low-income large families and families with a child with a disability, especially with an intellectual disability, received quality information on legal issues and began to work with their child and help develop them, giving them the opportunity to develop and learn in the family circle, thereby improving the quality of life of the child and the whole family.

After our meetings with parents we could see how parents became freer and began to understand the terminology and meaning of people’s rights. As they gained knowledge, they began to аsk questions and discuss their problems with others. During the discussions, the parents came to the conclusion that their problems affected their whole family, and only through joint efforts could they gradually solve them. That they cannot sit and wait for someone to come and help, they need to try and intensify their efforts to secure their child’s rights. Practical help was given to parents of children with disabilities to find solutions to problematic situations of a psychological nature. We helped parents to establish a constructive relationship with their child, as well as providing information to the parents themselves, pulling the family out of an information vacuum, predicting the child’s development and learning opportunities. We used various types of counselling, such as family counselling (a specialist provided support in overcoming emotional abuse in the family), and support for psychological and physical health (adaptation to society, acceptance of oneself and one’s child, active life). We also note that as part of this project, we launched the “Swing” methodology (on our Telegram channel), which contains personal requests from parents, their wishes and stories. As a result of this work, parents learn not to be shy about their child, to perceive them as they are.

Parents’ comments:

Mother of Dilnoza: I would like to thank your specialists for the work they have done. I have secured payment of a monthly pension, I go for walks with my daughter without hesitation, I ignore the various exclamations of those around me. Believe it or not, life has become easier!!

Mother of Ibragim: It was difficult at first, but now all his classmates have accepted him and are even helping him. Previously, I always protected him and never left his side, but now I stand in the corner of the class and observe how my son communicates with his peers. Many thanks for the information that my child is no different and he has the right to live and grow together with his peers.

Mother of Amir: Everyone used to tell me: God, how will you be with him…He’s quite sick. My son Amir has autism and is 6 years old. Now I know AUTISM IS NOT A JUDGEMENT, IT IS A STATE OF MIND! I learned to understand myself and thereby learned to accept my Amir. We started communicating, but it was difficult. But you know, I lost a lot of time looking for answers to unnecessary questions. Now I don’t miss a minute, I have now become the mother of such a miracle! Thank you, Rushdi Inclusia.

Contact details:

Zamira Nabieva

Director of Parents’ Organisation “Rushdi Inclusia”

mob: (+992) 901-707-744

Facebook page: Rushdi Inclusia

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