Refugees in Armenia

There has been a longstanding dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, which the Armenians call Artsakh. Following further hostilities in autumn 2023, virtually the whole Armenian-speaking population of 100,000 fled to Armenia.

This may not seem a huge number of refugees, but Armenia itself has fewer than three million people, so it is equivalent to two million people coming to Britain. The government of Armenia cannot finance all their needs. So the Armenian Church in London is supporting voluntary work by the Church in Armenia to give financial and emotional help to these displaced people. They have prioritised families with four or more children.

These families are spread across Armenia and have few resources, because they left their homes hurriedly and were unable to take many possessions. Some are from rural areas with farming backgrounds. Many are now in temporary accommodation and feeling very disorientated. Not everyone is in the capital Yerevan, so the church is also cooperating with local mayors across the country. The video shows the work of the Church.

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