20 best practices for active longevity in 2021

20 best practices for active longevity in 2021


The winners will receive marketing support and will be recommended to have their practices recreated throughout Russia. 


29 April 2022


The Russia-wide selection of the best practices for active longevity was conducted by the non-profit organisation National Priorities together with the Ministry of Labour, the Timchenko Foundation, and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.


“In the near future, we will hold a series of online events in the regions where those who work with the older generation will be able to learn about the winners’ experience so that they can use this knowledge at home. Additionally, we will invite representatives of businesses and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from among the winners of the selections to participate in the national ranking called Our Contribution for 2022”, said Sofia Malyavina, director-general of National Priorities.


List of winners


The most popular nomination among the finalists was Active Life, for its practices aimed at attracting people aged 50 and older to actively participate in society, volunteering, and social projects. The second most popular nomination is “Medical and social care, public care and prevention”.


The collection of best practices for active longevity in 2021 is posted on the NationalProjects.rf portal. The applications of the contest participants are filed into folders and published on the Smartech platform.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2022/04/29/nazvali-20-luchshih-praktik-aktivnogo-dolgoletiya-2021-goda/


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