3-year report on donations via dobro.mail.ru

The Dobro.Mail.ru project publishes its three-year report on their electronic donation service




According to their report, the amount of donations given by philanthropists using the Dobro.Mail.ru service since 2013 has increased by 200%, while the percentage of successfully completed projects has risen three-fold.


“The Dobro.Mail.ru project was launched back in 2013. One of its main aims was to make donating to charity simpler and more convenient. Today, we are working with 110 charities from 24 Russian regions. We’re constantly working to identify and overcome barriers in the charity sector and are already seeing the results of our efforts. The number of successfully completed projects has risen year on year. In 2014, the percentage was 22%, rising to 68% in 2016. The amount of donations has also gone up significantly, with the volume increasing three-fold compared to the previous year’s figure. This means that more and more Russians are starting to make donations, which is resulting in increasing numbers of needy people receiving welcome support”, said Alexander Babkin, Head of Dobro.Mail.ru.


According to the results of research conducted by the project, Dobro.Mail.ru mainly helps people between the ages of 25-44 in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. In order to develop a culture that encourages people to help those in other parts of the country, a “Welcome to the City” initiative was launched in 2016, starting with the “Kind-hearted Kazan” project. More than 500,000 roubles were raised in the Tatarstan capital to help with these projects, with 360 people agreeing to act as volunteers.


According to the report, an auto-payment service was introduced in August 2015. Internet users have started to donate on a regular basis, although this hasn’t stopped them making one-off payments. A third of users that take advantage of the auto-payment service make on average five one-off payments over a 100-day period.


Last year, Dobro.Mail.ru also launched an app for the inContact social network through which people can make donations direct to bona fide charities. More than 100 charity communities have linked into the app since its inception last December.


One function of the service is to debunk charity stereotype attitudes among Russian people. The need for a new approach was highlighted by the results of research conducted by Dobro.Mail.ru with the “Public Opinion” charity on help given to adults across Russia which revealed that virtually none of the respondents had admitted helping a seriously ill or disabled person during 2015.


The publication of the report and the resulting public willingness to help adults has led to 2,100 Dobro.Mail.ru users, who’ve never done anything like this before, to offer help to those in need.


Last year, the service led to the successful completion of 72% of projects in the “adults” category, as well as significantly raising the volume of funds for helping seriously ill adults.


The full version of the report, including details of successful projects, can be found on https://cloud.mail.ru/public


Information note


Dobro.Mail.ru provides a charity service which enables users to engage in charitable projects across Russia and aims to make donating to charity simpler and more convenient. A search engine allows people to quickly find organisations that are operating in various cities and to choose those that are in need of financial support or volunteer help.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/01/16/proekt-dobro-mail-ru-predstavil-otchet-za-tri-goda-deyatelnosti/

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