55% of Russian teenagers have experienced cyberbullying

Study: 55% of teenagers in Russia have experienced cyberbullying

26 April 2021

The online school Foxford surveyed 1,100 teenagers aged 11-16 from large cities.

According to the study, of those who have suffered from cyberbullying at least once, 84% experienced trolling (i.e., insults aimed at them).

76% of school pupils surveyed know how to behave and what to do if they come across harassment on the internet. Teenagers aged 15-16 are the best informed. However, 28% don’t have any knowledge of this.

22% said they didn’t tell anyone about their experience of cyberbullying out of shame. 39% have never spoken about this to adults, while 34% open up about their problems to close friends. 24% reported harassment to their parents or adult relatives, while 5% reported it to teachers.

22% confessed they had no one to talk to about this. 15% thought that no one would believe them. 14% kept quiet from fear that the perpetrator would find out. 8% feared that adults would tell them off.

The study was published by the agency TASS.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2021/04/26/issledovanie-55-podrotskov-v-rossii-stalkivalis-s-kiberbullingom/

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