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Death of ‘Body Shop’ Founder who was first to raise Subject of Responsible Behaviour by Businesses 

Anita Roddick has died in Britain at the age of 65. She founded the international chain known as ‘The Body Shop’ selling hand made cosmetics sourced from natural ingredients. ‘For many years she devoted her time to the issues relating to corporate responsibility’, said the head of the British branch of Greenpeace, John Sauven. ‘Now everyone claims to take ecology into consideration; but she did so years back.’ Founded in 1976, The Body Shop was the first big western company to pay attention to the ethical side of business. The goods sold in the chain are made from materials produced in developing countries and purchased at a fair price without being tested on animals. The company has 2,000 shops worldwide selling around 900 branded products. Thanks to its social and ecological activities, The Body Shop has gained the reputation of being a socially oriented company. In the course of 30 years of growth it has championed the environment and the advancement of societal values. The company took initiatives with regard to the protection of whales, a call for tests using animals to be abandoned, the ‘Make Your Mark’ programme aimed at revealing the talents of young people and their self-realisation, and suchlike. Furthermore the company has developed a programme called ‘Fair Trade’ for placing orders for the supply of natural ingredients for their products from developing countries.


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