Asian Development Bank offers Georgia $50 million for health care system

The Asian Development Bank to give Georgia $50 million to improve its health care system


Tbilisi: 18.04.2024


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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a budget loan of 46.3 million Euros ($50 million) to Georgia which will be used to improve access to high-quality health services in the country, said the ADB in a statement.


The funding will be provided once the Georgian Government has implemented a number of reforms to improve the management and regulation of the health sector. These include strengthening the primary care system and provision of outpatient services, as well as enhancing the financial sustainability of the sector.


“The ADB programme is a comprehensive and integrated package that aims to improve universal health care and to help women, socially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in particular”, said Evgeny Zhukov, CEO of ADB’s Central and West Asia Department.


The ADB’s Senior Health Specialist Brian Chin said that, as well as improving health services, the programme will help Georgia to prepare for the effects of climate change which have an adverse impact on human health.


As the ADB is aware, Georgia has a high rate of non-communicable conditions, including heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes which all reduce life expectancy and the prospect of good health in old age. Strengthening primary health care and outpatient services financed through the Government programme will improve the treatment of these conditions, most of which are reversible.


The ADB has supported Georgia since 2007 and is one of the largest multilateral partners in promoting the country’s development. The total amount of sovereign and non-sovereign loans to Georgia is worth $4.7 billion.


The ADB’s development priorities are multifaceted involving sustainable economic growth, reducing poverty, regional connectivity and improved public service provision.







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