C20 proposals for G20 summit in Moscow

The ‘Civil 20’ (C20) has been concluding
public consultations about recommendations to be made to the G20 and invites
NGOs to a civil summit


produced by representatives of civil society will form the basis for dialogue
with working groups of the G20. The final versions of the recommendations will
be presented at a meeting of ‘sherpas’ from the G20 countries in May.


main aim is to set up a constructive dialogue between civil society on the one hand,
and the politicians and people who will be making decisions relating to the
priority themes of the official Russian representation at the G20 in 2013. The
working parties of the organising committee have, via the internet site
Dialogues Civil20 (
http://dialogues.civil20.org), assembled
suggestions from the public on the following basic themes: environmentally
responsible development and energy production, food security, development goals
for the millennium following 2015, combating corruption, financial
inclusiveness and education, and labour and employment issues.


civil track will conclude with the civil summit – the C20 – which will take
place in Moscow 13-14 June as Russia chairs the 2013 G20. Representatives of
civil society from the G20 countries, and of international organisations and
business, as well as senior officials representing the authorities in the
Russian Federation and a number of other countries, will be taking part in the
civil summit. The aim of the C20 is to provide for a constructive dialogue
between the public, the authorities and business within the G20. The final
document produced by the C20 summit will be a submission to the G20 leaders to
be presented by the organising committee of the C20 at the G20 summit in


at the C20 summit comprises four stages. An application to participate has to
be submitted in the form available on site
Confirmation will be received by email (within two weeks of submitting the
application). The participation form must be completed in accordance with the
instructions received. An invitation to attend the Civil20 summit must be



e-mail: c20@g20org.ru




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