Charter of worldwide database of philanthropy

Moscow, 04.09.2014

The charter guides the activity of organisations which help to provide information on charities, taking account of different cultures and legal systems in which not for profit organisations work. The Global Philanthropy Data Charter was compiled by WINGS, the Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaking Support, a network of more than 150 philanthropic organisations and service or infrastructural organisations in 56 countries.

WINGS states the following about itself: “the WINGS network strengthens, publicises and assists the development of philanthropy and social enterprise throughout the world. It provides a voice to philanthropy in many cultures and provides members and other participants with information, knowledge and the opportunity to exchange experience. With regard to the future, WINGS sees global philanthropy as an influential community, devoted to building a just and equal society all over the planet”.

The charter provides a basis for attracting stakeholders from other sectors (government authorities, corporations, academics and civil society as a whole) to exchange and use the information on philanthropy in the public interest. It proposes a set of standards for collecting and exchanging information, activation of an international comparative analysis of information, and mapping problems and trends in the sphere of philanthropy.

The charter was first proposed at the WINGS forum in 2014. From 1 September a special website was launched, on which NGOs can look at a map of users of the document, a list of organisations which have signed it, and the rules of joining the initiative. So far the charter has been translated into Chinese, Portuguese and Russian.

You can read about WINGS here:

Author: Darya Shapovalova

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