Child mental heath practice in Novosibirsk region should be adopted nationally

Ombudsman pledges to develop children’s mental health projects from local to federal level



The Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Anna Kuznetsova, has acknowledged the quality of

care charities in the Novosibirsk region are providing for children with mental health issues. She has

also suggested expanding effective and successful regional projects to a federal level. Kuznetsova

was introduced to the family-style care offered to children, to their physical rehabilitation

programme, and to ways in which they enjoy ‘assisted living’ in small-scale residential

accommodation.  Here they are supported by specialist workers in preparation for independent life.


According to the Ombudsman’s Press Office, Kuznetsova said: ‘I feel it is important that projects

such as this should be reflected at the federal level. Very often you need our help less than we need

your experience. The problems you face in your work could help provide a basis for new

legislation and successful projects could be expanded and transferred to other regions.’


A specialist boarding school in Oyash currently houses about 400 children. Pupils are cared

for from infancy to adulthood, and taught essential life and professional skills which they can then

apply in a training area, or by working for specially created ‘micro companies’ (such as a greenhouse

or a milk production factory). Pupils who have graduated from the school are given accommodation in a socially funded hotel.


At the ‘Sea Cove’ (Morskoy zaliv) regional centre for assistance to families and children, Ana

Kuznetsova was introduced to special programmes designed for groups of children with rare genetic

disorders. Special residential schedules and diets are created for them, but above all the children

and encouraged to feel that they are not alone. In addition, the children’s ombudsman was shown

the system for distance learning for sick or disabled children and introduced to the way pediatric

palliative care is organised in the Novosibirsk region.





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