Children’s Ombudsman calls for investigation of abuse in orphanages

Anna Kuznetsova asks the head of the Prosecutor General’s Investigative Committee to look into how residential orphanages are run



The Russian Federation’s Children’s Rights Commissioner has asked Alexander Bastrykin, Chair of the Investigative Committee, to look into children’s rights abuses in residential orphanages. In a conference call with investigative authority representatives, Kuznetsova drew attention to stories of human rights abuses revealed in recent inspections, most notably relating to the right to health.


“Medical workers came with us on our inspections. They examined the records carefully and found that operations were often delayed and rehab procedures very rarely carried out. The overall health of children would be better if problems were resolved promptly”, said the Commissioner.


Kuznetsova has already asked the Russian President for his help in the reform of orphanages.



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