City funds for Moscow NGOs


government to support NGOs from the city budget


 The Moscow
government draft decree on ‘Approval of the Provisions for subsidies from the
Moscow city budget to socially-oriented non-commercial organisations’ has been
posted on the Mayor’s Office site for discussion. The Moscow government has
issued this document in order to support the important social work of the
Moscow NGOs and their contribution to the social development of the city.


 It is intended for
NGOs to compete for subsidies from the city budget. The competition will be
organised by the Moscow Committee for Social Networking.


 NGOs that are registered
and conduct their activities in Moscow can become participants; applications
are especially welcome from NGOs working in the following areas: care,
children’s welfare, Moscow heritage, charity and volunteering, environment,
city issues.


NGOs can apply for
grants for up to 20% of their total income during the two years prior to
submitting an application, unless the grant applied for is less than 300,000
roubles. For more information on the draft decree and discussions, visit:

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