Competition for CSOs supporting neurodiverse children. Deadline: 20 May

Absolute Help foundation announces 300 million rouble competition

First open competition of 2022 designed to develop good practices in supporting neurodiverse children and young adults



Two major open competitions are scheduled for 2022 to develop best practices in working with vulnerable children. The winners of the first competition will help ensure that the social development of neurodiverse children is seamless, from diagnosis and early support to education and employment.


The second competition will be announced at the end of May. It will focus on children and young adults with other diagnoses, special development needs and the experience of living as an orphan.


Funding may be available both to deliver specific aid projects to the target groups and to maintain the ongoing activities of Russian non-profit organisations.


“I hope our support will mean that non-profits can maintain the quantity and quality of the help they give to children and their families. They particularly need this at the moment,” says Anna Skorobogatova, executive director of Absolute Help.


Entries are being accepted for thematic areas that reflect the lifecycle of neurodiverse people:

  • Diagnosis and care path,
  • Intensive early intervention, rehabilitation and habilitation,
  • Adaptation in the education system,
  • Assisted living and employment,
  • Social and cultural education and inclusion.

Russian non-profits, and state and municipal institutions can enter the competition.


The competition categories are:

  • Absolute partnership: supporting projects,
  • Absolute support: supporting the organisation’s statutory activities,
  • Absolute perspective: for newer organisations delivering projects that embed demonstrably effective practices.

Find out more about the terms and conditions of taking part in the competition on the Foundation’s official website.


Entries are to be made via the grant platform until 20 May. The winners will be announced no later than 14 June. Project implementation will be able to start from 1 August 2022.


Competitors will be invited to an online seminar on 25 April at 11:00 Moscow time. A recording will then be available on the official website of Absolute Help.




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