Conference on reducing adoption

Conference on ‘The
reduction of instances of children being put up for adoption, and the
improvement of life for families with young children’



conference is run by the Charitable Fund for the reduction of instances of
children being put up for adoption. The fund is supported by the Russian
Ministry for Economic Development, the Public Chamber Committee on social
policies, employment relations and quality of life, the Duma State Committee on
families, women and children, the charitable fund ‘Sunny City’ and an
association of organisations working to prevent parents from giving up their
children for adoption. The Conference will focus on increasing the performance
of state agencies and non-commercial organisations, the development of
infrastructure for families and improving legislation related to children’s

 It is expected that representatives of both government and non-governmental
organisations across 40 of Russia’s regions would attend, as well as children’s
rights advocates from Finland and Great Britain.


18 December:

*10.00–11.00 – registration

*11.00 –17.00 – opening, reports by the organisers and official partners,
representatives of Federal and regional authorities, major Russian NGOs, and
experts in children’s rights from Finland and Great Britain.

*17.00 – summing-up.

19 December:

*9.30–10.00 – registration

*10.00–13.00 – workshops: ‘Regional experience on the implementation of
policies in relation to vulnerable families with small children. Modern methods
to support families with small children, including working to prevention the
instances of children being put up for adoption’, ‘Developing social
partnerships between government agencies and NGOs to provide services to
families with children. Methods to obtain resources to implement services for
families with small children’.

*14.00-14.30 – presentation of the guidance ‘Preventative measures to
reduce instances of children being put up for adoption: organisation,
methodology, practice’.

*14.30–16.30 – master-class: ‘Tendering for NGOs to provide services to
families and children: the peculiarities of writing a specification and the
bidding process’, ‘How to write a grant proposal’,  “Methodology of project development’, ‘The
rehabilitation process to work with families within a risk group: how to
motivate families to change’, ‘How to access the rehabilitation potential of a
family? Assessment types and methods, criteria and rehabilitation potential

*17.30–18.00 – summing-up, resolution.

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