Contest for innovative projects relating to older people

The Skolkovo and Timchenko Foundations announce the opening of a contest for innovative projects


The “Innovative Technologies and Quality of Life 2.0” contest will review innovative projects and technological developments aimed at improving the quality of life of older people, adapting the older generation to the contemporary urban environment and maintaining full physical activity in people over the age of 50.

Participation in the contest will enable researchers and developers to discuss their projects, draw the attention of a wider audience, and find investors and partners. The target audience includes representatives of the scientific community (research institutes, Russian Academy of Sciences-affiliated institutes, universities), independent teams, and small and medium innovative companies. The jury will be composed of representatives of Russian universities and the biggest innovative companies and independent industry experts.

“Today a generation of people are reaching old age who are much better adapted to modern realities, able to use new technologies, and who value their place in life. Certainly, the contribution of these people to society is very important, so we must use and promote new capabilities and technologies to ensure them an independent and dignified quality of life. We hope that the contest will identify the most interesting ideas in this field and that the two very different themes of innovative technologies and the older generation will begin to converge in Russia” announced Maria Morozova, General Director of the Timchenko Foundation.

The organisers are primarily interested in attracting projects which focus on technical rehabilitation. “Average life expectancy has increased over the past century thanks to technology. Now this technology can help to increase not only length, but also quality of life. There is a lack of innovative Russian companies in this field. Participation in the contest will allow promising teams not only to inform others about their projects, but also to receive financial support from the Foundation”, added Kirill Kaem, Vice-President and Executive Director of the biomedical technologies cluster at the Skolkovo Foundation.

Applications will be accepted until 20 September on this website. 

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