Contest to create volunteer resource centres

The Association of Volunteer Centres is running a contest to create volunteer resource centres


The results of the competition will help volunteer organisations create volunteer resource centres across all regions of Russia.

Volunteer resource centres are professional organisations providing a range of organisational, consultative and methodological services to organisations and individuals in the voluntary sector. Resource centres will be needed to raise the level socio-economic development of a region, and the quality of life of the population.

The competition will help to raise the profile of organisations capable of becoming the main volunteer centre in the regions of Russia, and to create attractive conditions for people of all ages to join the volunteer sector.

The competition will take place in three stages: application (from 4 July to 20 August), evaluation (from 19 to 23 August) and the final stage (23 t0 27 August). Participants will be able to become not-for-profit organisations, state foundations and/or higher education organisations. Applications can be sent by email to by 20 August. Further detail and competition documentation are available here.

Competition winners will be certified, and then the best organisation will sign agreement with the Association of Volunteer Centres and the local governing administration of the Russian Federation. The organisation will receive all services within the framework of the Resource Centre programme and the support they need for their work.


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