Disability organisations given priority in some Russian government procurement

Government boosts support for organisations of disabled individuals




The Cabinet of Ministers expanded the list of goods and services for which organisations of people with disabilities are given priority in public procurement.


The Cabinet of Ministers has recently taken a significant step by broadening the range of goods and services in public procurement, where organisations of disabled individuals enjoy advantages as suppliers. This move, as reported through the department’s official Telegram channel, was formalised by the signing of an order by Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister.


The list of benefits has been significantly expanded, covering a diverse array of goods and services that now totals 107, up from the previous 58. Among the newly included items are tools, kitchen utensils, wooden decorations, household appliances, as well as services in the fields of medicine, translation, publishing, and printing.


This expansion of the list is expected to provide substantial support to organisations that are actively involved in offering employment opportunities to disabled individuals on a large scale. The government aims to improve their financial stability while facilitating their social adaptation within society.


If a disabled organisation wins a government contract for goods or services listed in the framework, they will receive a payment that is 15% higher than their proposed offer, according to the new legislation.


Link: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2023/05/15/pravitelstvo-rasshirilo-podderzhku-organizaczij-invalidov/


Translated by: Spencer Michaels



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