Duma approves advertising ban on foreign agent platforms

The Russian State Duma has approved an advertising ban on foreign agent platforms




A Bill was introduced in the Duma on 15 February and adopted at third reading on the 28th.


On 28 February, the State Duma passed a Bill that bans advertising by Russian citizens and companies on foreign agent websites, blogs and social networks, or any other resources published by them.


The Bill amends federal laws “On Advertising”, “On Control over Activities of Persons Acting under Foreign Influence” and “On Mass Media”.


When introducing the Bill, Vasily Piskarev, Chair of the State Duma’s Security and Anti-Corruption Committee, stated that the ban would safeguard Russia’s national security and sovereignty.


On 28 February, the journalist Katerina Gordeeva (classed as a foreign agent), decided to suspend her “Tell Gordeeva” YouTube talk show in light of the ban which has already benefitted financially from such advertising.


Source: https://asi.org.ru/news/2024/02/28/reklamu-u-inoagentov-zapretili/

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