Duma discusses amendments to law on welfare poviders

Amendments to the law on welfare providers pass first reading


The Russian State Duma has passed the first reading of the bill to simplify procedures for approving the quality of services provided by NGOs.

In its first reading the bill grants regional authorities the power to evaluate welfare services provided by NGOs.  Amendments can be made to the bill over a 30-day period.  The document has been published on the website of the parliament.

˜The bill sets out the responsibilities of the Russian executive authorities, together with the federal executive authorities, to evaluate the quality of welfare services provided by NGOs, and the responsibilities of the relevant regional authorities (under the Russian Ministry of Justice).  The bill defines the powers of the authorities in determining which NGOs are suitable for providing welfare services and then requires them to list them in a register of welfare providers”.  These details are given in the explanatory notes of the bill.

The law on welfare providers came into force on 1 January 2017.  ˜A welfare provider (IOPU) is a socially oriented non-profit organisation (NGO) which has been providing welfare services of the appropriate standard for a year or more, it is not a foreign agent and has no outstanding debts in terms of the taxes, dues or other responsibilities owing under payment law. Currently any organisation applying for IOPU status has to obtain approval from the executive federal authorities confirming that the services they offer fulfil the appropriate quality standards.

The register of welfare providers is shown on the Ministry of Justice website.  To date there are 32 NGOs on the register.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/09/20/gosduma-iopu-zakonoproekt-pervoye-chteniye/


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