Duma: Regulations on regional Public Chambers

Russia’s State Duma approves the First Reading of a Bill regulating the activities of regional public chambers


Moscow, 29.03.2016


Regional public chambers should be completely open in accepting local activists as new members, according to Alexander Brechalov, Secretary of the Federation’s Public Chamber.


The State Duma has now approved the First Reading of a Bill to regulate the activities of regional public chambers. The Parliament’s Committee for Public Associations and Religious Organisations will discuss and sign off amendments within 30 days.


The Bill states that a third of a regional chamber’s membership must be agreed by the Federation’s highest-ranking official, based on nominations put forward by registered regional organisational subsidiaries of All-Russian and inter-regional public associations. A third will be approved by the official’s legislative authority, taking into account representations submitted by regional public associations and NGOs. Thereafter, two-thirds of the already agreed composition of the chamber will decide on the rest of the membership by assessing candidates put forward by local public associations.


Brechalov told TASS: “This Bill is the result of joint discussions involving senators and the Public Chamber and is extremely important for Russia. The text explains how many people will sit on each chamber, who will select them and how, the length of term each will serve, the powers the chambers will be able to exercise, and how they will be financed”.


Author: Georgy Ivanushkin



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