ECHR to consider appeals from Russian ‘foreign agents’

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) receives its first appeals from foreign agents




The ECHR will consider all the complaints together in a single session and assess their merits in terms of freedom of expression and association.


The petitioners include 42 organisations and individuals, including the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, the Centre and the Svecha charity (all the organisations listed are on the Ministry of Justice register of foreign agents). The lawyer Pavel Chikov has published the full list of the complainants (


Earlier this month, the ECHR outlined its approach for all future cases brought against Russia: the Court will consider instances of alleged violations of human rights under the European Convention made prior to 16 September last year. Judicial officials will be appointed from other countries acting as Russia’s national judge.


Russia had been a member of the Council of Europe since 28 February 1996 but ceased being a contracting party and withdrew from the Court’s jurisdiction as of 16 September last year. The Russian President signed a law last year not to implement any ECHR rulings issued after 15 March 2022.



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