Final meeting of Community Forum in Moscow

 Moscow, 05.10.2015

This forum brings together representatives from business interests, the third sector and Government to discuss key issues relating to the development of civil society.

The Federation’s Civil Chamber has announced that the final meeting of the “Community” forum is to take place in Moscow on 3-4 November and is expected to attract more than 3,500 participants who will debate topics such as social cohesion, financing of social projects, subsidies and regional programmes in support of NGOs, as well as the work of public monitoring commissions. Those taking part will devise a roadmap for the NGO sector and give talks on civil practices which are being implemented as part of the “Perspective” project.

The forum will also host an award ceremony for prizes given by the Civil Chamber in the “I am a citizen” and “Russia’s Volunteer of 2015” categories. Those who come up with the best civil practices in 14 categories, together with the most active volunteers, will have 200,000 roubles divided between them that can be put towards continuing support for their various programmes and initiatives. A prize will also be awarded to the winner in a new category of “Culture and international relations”.

Immediately prior to the final forum there is to be an event organised by the Civil Chamber in the Northern Caucasus and Southern Federal Districts to which NGOs, trade union leaders, regional civil self-regulating bodies, civil society activist organisations, informal and community groups have been invited to take part in discussions on the third sector. Suggestions from the “Community” forum as to how civil society can be developed will be included in the Civil Chamber’s annual report.

At the sixth meeting of the “Community” forum held in the Crimea, it was suggested that a new Presidential grant provider be created for those NGOs involved in the development of small areas.

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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