Free educational content-sharing platform for non-profit organizations launched in Russia

Users can publish courses, lectures, and master-class videos. The IT company Lanit founded the platform.


On the Lanit Social University website, it is possible to create individualised sections for different CSOs. The program administrators will help develop courses in various formats, such as video lectures, articles, tests, and assignments. If necessary, they can also help build methodological skills, like video shooting and the final design.

CSO staff can manage their content, monitor learners’ progress, and obtain statistics.

The Institute for the Development of Family Structures has already published information about their courses.

“Social organisations often do not have the funds to develop such solutions, so they often turn to us for funding. For an IT company, it is more efficient to create and administer a single distributed resource rather than funding a dozen different solutions. The platform is designed so that CSOs can host their educational content at no extra cost,” explained Lanit’s press service.


Translated by: Spencer Michaels

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