Grant funds may be transferred to Public Chamber

The Ministry of Economic Development’s grants fund can be transferred to the Public Chamber



The question of transferring this grants fund has been discussed within the Presidential Office as well as in Government.

The transfer of this grants fund to the Public Chamber has the support of Government, reports Izvestia. “The Ministry of Finance also believes that a well-defined structuring of grant distribution will bring about improvements in transparency and efficiency in budget spending relating to NGO support”, said a Government source.

Izvestia  also reported that the authorities support a proposal to establish two new Presidential grant providers (as previously suggested by the Public Chamber). It has been suggested that they will concentrate on helping NGOs that operate in small towns and villages, as well as distributing funds among larger regional bodies.

The Ministry of Economic Development organised a grant competition during the year aimed at developing the information, consultative, methodological and organisational infrastructure (in terms of volunteer involvement) in order to support the work of socially-orientated NGOs. 38 such organisations were successful in the competition, with the total grant sum amounting to 239,400 million roubles.

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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