Grants for CSOs supporting family and foster family relationships. Deadline 30 September

Grant competition for CSOs supporting family and foster family relationships

The charity CSS are accepting applications from August 16.


The competition is for CSOs that focus on supporting families and foster families. It is accepting projects that aim to:

  • Help families in crisis,
  • Help prepare and provide support to foster parents,
  • Help improve parent-child relationships,
  • Help young people in difficult living situations or living in foster families with social and vocational guidance,
  • Provide training to professionals who help families in need.

The competition will be split into three categories: A Successful Start, Successful Growth and Sustainable Development. The winners will receive grants of up to 5 million roubles.

Additional details about the competition can be found in the rules and regulations. You can fill out an application between August 30 and September 30 here.

Last year the CSS charity provided over 70 million roubles for the competition. The charity was registered in Russia in February 2019. It provides financial aid to Russian non-profit organisations and charities that implement programmes for children in difficult living situations and for families raising children with disabilities. Outside of Russia, the charity has successfully implemented projects in Australia and the Philippines.


Translated by Holly Battye

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