Hospice worker wins Moscow flat in Headliner of the Year competition

Lidia Moniava wins the Headliner of the Year competition for the right to own a flat in Moscow



Lidia Moniava, Deputy Director of the Children’s Hospice ‘House with a Lighthouse’, received more than 32,000 likes during online voting in the Headliner of the Year competition and, in so doing, became the owner of a flat in Moscow. The competition is part of an advertising campaign for the Headliner residential complex being built in the capital’s business district which has involved a number of well-known personalities.


Writing on her Facebook page, Lidia said “Parents of our hospice children decided to nominate me in the competition’s Public Life category. We received a lot of votes and now it seems I really will be getting a flat. I never thought such a thing could be possible. This is why I haven’t yet worked out what I will do with the flat, such as how to go about paying taxes on it etc.”


Lidia is now waiting to receive all the details from the prize award organisers. She is going to take a bit of time to think about her future plans and will let us know in due course. Under law, 35% of winnings are taken off in tax.


As a way of marking her 30th birthday, Lidia organised a fundraising campaign on Facebook in aid of her patients which collected nearly 20 million roubles in just three days.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2018/01/17/lidiya-moniava-pobedila-v-konkurse-hedlajner-goda/


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