How to improve the health system in Belarus

Karanik explains how the health care system can be improved


Minsk: 21.04.2024


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The Belarussian authorities have identified certain problems with the work of health care institutions across the country, including personnel.


Belarus is in fourth or fifth place in the world when it comes to providing medical services to the public, said Vladimir Karanik, Chair of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee live on national television.


“Making more effective use of our staff is the fastest and most efficient solution to our present difficulties. I tell everyone that the number of doctors per 10,000 people in the Grodno region has increased from 57.5 to 58 over the last five years”, said Karanik. This, he added, compares favourably with 24-25 in the Polish health care system, while the average figure for the European Union is only 28-30.


“Based on these figures, we are currently fourth or fifth in the world rankings”. He pointed out that often when people talk about a shortage of doctors, employment offices take part-time jobs into account, for example, a neurologist whose work can already be done by a retrained physician.


“The task is not to fill these vacancies but to ensure that existing doctors work more effectively so that patients, regardless of where they live, receive common standards of medical care”, said Karanik.



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