In 2022, Russians did more charitable work

In 2022, Russians did more charitable work

The number of donations to foundations increased by 68% compared to 2021.


The study was conducted by MTS based on anonymised Big Data and ecosystem services.

According to its results, it also turned out that one of the main trends of 2022 is self-care. The number of users of psychological support services grew by 33%, while the amount of such help increased by 48%. The number of visits to massage parlours and spas increased by 35%, to fitness clubs — by 11%, to active recreation centres — by 55%.

Russians began to study more: the number of users of educational platforms increased by 21%. People bought online courses 4.7 times more often, and their cost increased 5.6 times.

In September, the Need Help Foundation conducted a study and found out that in 2022, 75% of citizens participated in charity at least once. And Dobro named the top 5 charitable regions.


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