Khabensky Foundation expands help for children with brain cancer

Seventy nine children from Russia and other CIS countries were helped by Konstantin
Khabensky’s Foundation between 2008 and 2012. In that period 16 m. roubles
passed through the Fund. Most of it was his personal money and that of his
friends, as well as funds from several large companies. Now that he has the
necessary experience the actor wants to move the fund into bigger things, and help
more children. Khabensky set out the Foundation’s achievements and his plans at
a press conference on 26 March. The Foundation helps children with brain cancer
and other serious brain diseases. Money is not given directly to the parents,
but funds work in specialised clinics. The child is assessed by doctors, and if
necessary sent to Moscow for further diagnosis. Some children have been sent to
Germany or the UK for treatment. Unfortunately, said Khabenko, many children
are already at an advanced stage of cancer when they are referred to the Foundation
. In addition the Foundation
supports Russian medical establishments involved in diagnosis and treatment of paediatric
brain cancer patients, does information work to increase early diagnosis of
disease. It also has a programme called “Happiness Therapy”, in which parents
and children who have been in hospital for a long time go on rehabilitation
holidays in Europe. Today, charity is the only sector where people are not
trying to achieve their own ambitions but simply to help other people, said the

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