Launch of Russian website about bullying in schools

Launch of a new website about bullying in schools




This initiative has been developed by the project which helps schoolchildren, parents and professionals to combat bullying.


According to the website, “Bullying in classrooms is more common than in those where everyone is friendly toward one another. When someone is being constantly harassed, shoved, insulted, who no-one wants to associate with, who does not complain if their possessions are stolen, hidden away or damaged – this is bullying”.


The website includes separate sections with information for parents, children, professionals and schools. Parents can take an online test to find out if their child is at risk and read advice on what to do if their child is being bullied. There are also cards for children explaining what bullying is and how to recognise it.


The website provides detailed information on the project whose aim is to create a psychologically safe environment for children in academic institutions. For more information, go to https://travlinet.rf




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