Law simplifying the establishment of CSOs passes first reading in the Russian Duma

Law simplifying the establishment of CSOs passes in the Duma on its first reading

The new law is due to come into effect on 1 March 2023.


The draft law streamlines the requirements for a CSO’s governing document.  An explanatory note to the law states that an analysis of law-enforcement practice has demonstrated that governing documents often contain information which duplicates the provisions of the law.

NGOs will be able to operate on the basis of a model governing document.  They will not be required to include details of branches and representatives in their governing document, since that information is already contained in the unified state register of legal entities. (EGRYuL).

If an NGO decide to draw up its own governing document then it will be able to make it simpler if it wishes; it may choose not to include provisions on the sources of its property, nor about the process for changing the governing document, nor about its branches and representatives, nor about its restructuring and liquidation processes.

The changes are to be incorporated into the Federal Law on Social Organisations and the Federal Law on Non-Commercial Organisations.


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