launches facility for charitable donations

Mail.Ru Group has
launched a new charity service Dobro


The general director of Dmitrii Grishin has made a
statement about the launch of the new service Dobro This project enables all internet users to donate
money with the click of a button or to do a good deed for one of 30 charities
which are partners in the project. Each charity has its own office, through
which they can inform people of new projects; search for ordinary and
specialist volunteers; and announce the most immediate needs of the charity.
The creators invite users of the service to donate money for the charity’s use
(they can transfer a sum upwards of 25 roubles with 0.01% commission) or do a
good deed. For this they need to enter a special proposal (for example, collect
someone from an airport or plant a tree.) The creator and curator of the
service is Aleksandr Babkin.


‘Mail.Ru Group are pioneers in this field. We offer a basis
for the development of this project and we will participate in this education
programme with pleasure. It is aimed at citizens, private entrepreneurs and NGOs
interested in charitable work, to show how easy, effective and pleasant it is
to be involved in this sphere’, comments the executive director of the charity The Road Together; Tatiana Zadirako. The
site is made up of three sub-sections: ‘News’, ‘Stories’ and ‘Reports.’ Before
beginning to use the service, the user can read through the literature on the
charitable work and activities of the experts. The project creators think that the
experience of these individuals constitutes motivation for others who are only
starting to help the needy. In the ‘Reports’, the internet user will see where
his donations are going.


As the project creators say, only approved charities with
good reputations can participate. The selection is made by judges at Mail.Ru
Group. ‘Regional charities have fewer opportunities than those in Moscow. In
the West regulators telling people which charities are trustworthy have existed
for a long time. It would be great if Mail.Ru became that sort of regulator’,
said the president of a charity in aid of children with cancer, Protect Life, Evgenia Goloyadova.


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