survey of parental attitudes to inclusive education

The Group asks parents if they are ready for inclusive education


On 31 August, the Group published the results of a survey it carried out recently on inclusive education. These revealed that 53% of parents admitted that their disabled children were experiencing difficulties at school. While 34% stated that their disabled children were treated well in schools, parents were worried about the absence of key professionals and quiet areas where children can recover if they become tired during lessons or are feeling anxious, as well as a lack of an accessible environment and special programmes tailored to their needs.

39% of parents of able-bodied children were against their offspring having to study with those with disabilities. 20% of them have never experienced inclusion, while 19% believe this will have a detrimental effect on the quality of their child’s education. However, 45% of parents are prepared to move towards inclusive education in schools but have doubts as to how this would work in practice. 16% of those asked said they have had a positive experience of inclusive education.

Only 23% of respondents stated that their school had speech therapists and tutors, with just 10% saying that their school ran inclusive educational programmes.

“We are very aware that parents don’t want inclusive education to be introduced without first taking into account the interests of all children and without the involvement of professionals specially trained in this field. However, in schools where an inclusive system has been introduced and is being applied, treating a particular child as an individual is extended to the whole group. Such schools are less likely to experience bullying and are able to implement measures which monitor levels of social tension. They can also respond more quickly to any breakdown in communication between children, as well as among professionals and parents”, said Olga Zhuravskaya, President of the charity Zhuravlik.

The survey was conducted from 14-26 August among the 9,229 users of “”, “” and “”.


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