May vote for NGO members of Civic Chamber

Elections for NGO membership to the Russian Federation’s Civic Chamber to begin on 1 May


These elections will be taking place by direct online voting until 30 May.

19h April was the final cut-off date for submitting the necessary documentation to comply with the process for electing 43 NGO members from All-Russian civic associations and other non-profit organisations to the Civic Chamber. An electoral working group is currently assessing prepared statements from nominated representatives to the Chamber, including information about their organisations. This work will lead to the preparation of a list of candidates for whom the public can vote online. Details on each candidate, including biographical information and their personal statement, must be placed on the official Civic Chamber website no later than 24 April.

The elections will be held on the Russian Civic Initiative website. In order to cast its vote, the public will need to access the Government Services link on that site. The results of the online poll will be announced on 15 June.

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