Metal company supports charitable and social projects

Moscow, 27.05.2015

The Russian United Metallurgy Company (OMK) has announced the results of its competition for charitable and social projects under the heading OMK Partnership. Most of the winning projects are in support of elderly and disabled people, orphans, developing entrepreneurial talent among senior school students, ecology, culture and a healthy lifestyle.

The competition is designed to build social partnerships between business, government, and local associations and to create possibilities for the utilisation of advanced technologies and to draw urban populations and factory workers into social and charitable efforts by companies as well as volunteering. The principle of partnership was key in assessing the bids by NGOs and the highest ratings went to bids with 25% co-financing and involving the participation of volunteers. 256 applications from OMK factory workers, NGOs, state and municipal organisations in regions where OMK has factories. OMK selected the 99 best bids, of which 58 were from organisations and 41 from company employees. Now the winning bids are being fine-tuned and should be implemented before the end of the year.

[A couple of winning bids from company employees for sports and outdoor activities are described.]

Among the NGO bids which the company is supporting is one called “Hospital Mums” in the town of Gusovoi. Trained volunteers provide additional care for orphans and children not cared for by parents who are having long-term treatment at the city’s hospital.

Another project “Silver Age – life continues” is aimed at setting up support groups to help factory and World War 2 veterans in the same town. 150 veterans take part in exhibitions, computer and financial management courses for elderly people, Nordic walking and healthy lifestyle.

Other successful bids include support for adults and children with disabilities, for foster families, summer camps to promote prevention of drug addiction among young people.

By Yulia Vyatkina

[abridged translation]

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