Ministry of Economic Development plans to support NGOs

Ministry of Economic Development presents recommendations to support NGOs
The materials presented were developed as part of a ‘roadmap’ to enable NGOs to provide social services.
The Ministry of Economic Development presented materials to supplement regional state programmes supporting the activities of NGOs (including socially orientated non-profit organisations) providing social services, and the development of public-private partnerships. The materials were developed based on the experience of several Russian regions. The corresponding document has been published on the Ministry’s website.
According to the recommendations, supplementary measures to support the development of socially orientated NGOs include financial support (through the provision on a competitive basis of subsidies from the regional budget), estate (including transferring state or municipal property to NGOs, as well as providing incentives to use land), tax and informational support.
In December 2016, the director of the Ministry’s Department of Social Development and Innovation, Artem Shadrin, stated that the main tasks for the Russian regions are the identification and elimination of the various barriers facing NGOs, as well as identification of the services which each region considers a priority for NGOs to assist in providing. Furthermore, all regions should approve plans to allow NGOs phased access to budgetary funding. The goal is to increase the quality and accessibility of social services through greater NGO participation.

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