Models with Prosthetics Participate in Fashion Shows in Moscow

Cyber Fashion Technology: Models with Prosthetics Participate in Fashion Shows




Cyber Fashion Technology’s models, featuring adults and children with prosthetics, have taken part in three fashion shows in Moscow.


On the first day of the Russian Design and Fashion Forum, the project participants debuted an evening fashion show programme, and later presented the latest assistive technology design trends at the “Manifest” design festival, while also appearing on the runway at Estet Fashion Week.


The Cyber Fashion Technology project is part of the Cyberly One ecosystem, which began operating in spring 2023. It serves as a social platform and provides valuable support to individuals with musculoskeletal impairments who depend on prosthetics for their daily functioning.


One of the project’s goals is to integrate new technologies into the fashion industry. Olga Arinina, the creator of the Cyberly project, states, “We have forged this project at the intersection of technology, rehabilitation, fashion, and digital innovation. Cyber Fashion Technology serves as a testament to the fact that individuals with prosthetics can enhance not only their mobility, but also spearhead novel trends in both modelling and fashion.”


Cyber Fashion Technology is a modelling and event agency specialising in organising shows and fashion presentations featuring models with prosthetics and the latest advancements in robotics. Individuals can apply to become a model for the agency by filling out an application on their website.




Translated by: Spencer Michaels


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