More than 27 m roubles donated for #GivingTuesday

More than 27 million roubles donated as part of #GivingTuesday


More than 70,000 people made 100,000 donations during #GivingTuesday.

#GivingTuesday is an annual day devoted to charity that takes place around the world at the end of November/beginning of December. This year, the event was held in Russia on 30 November.

According to the payment systems and platforms operating on the day, the average number of donations and donors was three times more than usual.

12,000 CSO donations worth more than seven million roubles were made via the, Nuzhna Pomoshch, Dobro,, SberVmeste, Cdelai and the TOOVA app platforms.

According to UMoney, more than 49,000 donations were made which is 17% more than usual, with the total amount of donations up by 12% compared with a normal day. Nearly 30,000 donations were made through the CloudPayments system, an increase of 24% on a normal day. Around 18,000 donations totalling more than 2.3 million roubles were made via the mobile operator “Beeline”.

The volume of donations via the SberVmeste platform increased 4.6 times, while the average amount donated rose nearly five-fold. On Dobro, donations were up 2.2 times, with the number of donations and donors increasing by 80%. The Nuzhna Pomoshch charity raised more than one million roubles. More than 450,000 roubles were raised via the TOOVA app.

“It is very important not to limit the impact of #GivingTuesday to monetary gifts. Behind these big numbers are individuals who perform good deeds, organise fundraising events, donate to their favourite CSOs and share their positive stories on social networks and in the media. All this brings added attention to charity issues”, said Maria Chertok, CEO of the Charity Aid Foundation, which has been coordinating #Giving Tuesday since 2016.


Translated by Neil Hailey

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