Monitoring of foreign adoptions

the start of next week, representatives from the Russian Federation’s General
Assembly are undertaking a consultation on co-operation with American NGOs on
the monitoring of adopted children from Russia while they’re staying in the
USA. This initiative was announced by Olga Kostina, head of the Russian
Federation’s inter-commission working group on childhood problems and family
policies, and representative of the governing inter-regional human rights
public organisation “Resistance”. This idea has received support from experts.



is vital to monitor the future of all adopted children living not only abroad,
but also in Russia, reaffirmed the representative from the Russian Federation’s
Public Assembly on social policy, labour relations and the citizen’s quality of
life, leader of the working group on the development of the NGO Council under
the President of the Russian Federation on the development of the citizen’s
society and human rights, Elena Topoleva. “There are many instances of child
cruelty in our country, so it is not necessary to blame the USA for everything,
we should start by examining ourselves”, Topoleva emphasised. She hopes that an
emerging public discussion will facilitate the adoption of measures which will
improve the lot of child orphans. In particular, accepting a law on “public monitoring
in the Russian Federation” will encourage similar initiatives and develop monitoring
of state institutions. According to a member of the co-ordinating council for
the realisation of national action strategies for children’s interests for
2012-2017, and Executive Director of the charitable centre “Joint action for
the future”, Alexsei Golovanya, such co-operation will lead to the removal of
the strains which are emerging between our countries against a background of
deaths of Russian orphans in the USA. Golovanya added “It is essential that the
level of trust is increased with the Americans, which is currently being
undermined by many people in the media”.  Besides, we in Russia will benefit from the
Americans’ experience with the schooling orphans receive from the substitute
families” an expert asserted.



representative from the Russian Federation’s General Assembly will carry out
monitoring and analysis on how Russian children live in the USA.

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