Moscow conference on NGO failure

Moscow, 11.02.2015

On 28 February the project “Social Technology Hothouse” will hold a conference called “NGO Fail” to discuss the best cases of NGO failure, the stories of their experience and lessons on how to be more effective.

“Social Technology Hothouse” is organising such an event for the first time in Russia with the aim of drawing experience from failures, a format tried out successfully in other countries. Anyone can participate if they are willing to share their experiences, support others and believe in their abilities. The conference will have six thematic panels and a team of experienced moderators, including Elena Alshanskaya (“Volunteers helping Orphans”), Anastasiya Gulyavina (Impact Hub Moscow), Elena Temicheva (ASI), Anna Ladoshkina and Blad Lavrichenko (“Social Technology Hothouse”). Further details of the programme are on the website of “Social Technology Hothouse” Registration is advisable before 27 February to secure a place. Address of event: Moscow, Khokhlovsky Lane 7/3 – Impact Hub Moscow.

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