Moscow event in support of children with disabilities

event was organised by the regional organisation for people with disabilities,
Perspectiva (Outlook) as part of the Inclusive
campaign. The NGO’s director, Denise Roza, observed that in many
Russian towns children with disabilities cannot realise their full development
potential and obtain an education. ‘We want to expose the fact that   the children encounter discrimination in
the areas of education, medical treatment and leisure’, said Ms Roza. Zhenya
Lapin, a pupil receiving home based education and a wheelchair user who is
participating in the project, Russian
Children with Disabilities Stand up for their Rights
, said ‘Abroad, people
with disabilities are not objects of astonishment or incomprehension because
everyone is aware that people with special needs exist in the community’.


in the event stressed that ratification by Russia of the Convention on the
Rights of People with Disabilities should bring in its train fundamental
changes to Russian legislation. This affects both separate pieces of
legislation (such as the section on inclusive education in the Education Law) and
the Civil Code. Whereas until now people with disabilities have been regarded
as lacking the ability to function properly, from now on the concept of partial
incapacity will be introduced, depending on the capabilities possessed by each

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