Nearly 40% of murders in Uzbekistan result of family disputes

Nearly 40% of murders in Uzbekistan occur as a result of family disputes




During a recent meeting of the Senate Defence and Security Committee it was reported that 363 murders were committed in Uzbekistan last year, of which 141 (38.8%) are family-related.


The reasons given were family disputes, a failure to resolve conflicts before they got out of hand, or because neighbourhood activists and the general public had been unaware of them.


On 17 January this year, a mentally ill 49-year old resident in the Samarkand region, who had been registered in a psychiatric hospital since 2014, killed his 26-year old son, who had been on a similar register since 2019, with an axe to the head at his home during a family argument.


A lack of support for young people and the problems they face led to an increase of 5.3% (3,599 cases) in the number of crimes committed by them and minors last year compared to 2022.


In addition, about 12,000 out of work people have committed crimes which suggests that local employment issues are not being adequately addressed.



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