New charitable donations site to assist children

Towards Change Foundation and mobile network Tele2 launch a charitable service
Tele2’s new service will allow subscribers to make a daily donation of 5 roubles.
Subscribers to the new charitable service will donate 5 roubles a day to the Towards Change Foundation, which helps social entrepreneurs in Russia to implement the best projects seeking to improve the lives of children.
All the funds collected will go towards implementing tried and tested charitable projects. Every week, subscribers to the service will receive information from the foundation about those who have been helped thanks to the donations.
To sign up to the service, enter *453# and press Call. Subscribers will then have 5 roubles debited from their account every day. The service can be cancelled by entering *453*0#.
Those on business tariffs, for which the service is not available, can make a donation to the foundation online.
The Towards Change Foundation has been active in Russian since 2011. In five years it has succeeded in improving the lives of more than 330,000 children. The most meaningful and relevant programmes to support children are chosen through an annual contest. The creators of these projects receive grants from the contest’s organisers and partners to develop socially orientated businesses and provide informational support.

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