New criteria for professional medical organisations in Russia

Government has defined the powers of medical NGOs in healthcare


The Russian Government has confirmed the criteria for professional medical non-commercial organisations carrying out separate functions in the sphere of citizens’ healthcare.

Included in the list is participation in the activities of authorised federal executive bodies and mandatory health insurance funds and in developing programmes of state guarantees for medical assistance.

As stated in the resolution, published on the Cabinet of Ministers website, the associations/unions of professional medical non-commercial organisations (MPNO) should simultaneously fulfil the following criteria: unite more than 50% of MPNOs, based on the individual membership of doctors and uniting no fewer than 25% of the overall number of doctors on the territory of the Federation.

Moreover, organisations should have been involved in the implementation and protection of the rights of medical and pharmaceutical workers, the development of medical and pharmaceutical activities and the facilitation of scientific research and other issues linked with the professional activities of medical and pharmaceutical workers for no less than three years.

The Russian Ministry of Health is responsible for the decision as to whether the established MPNO criteria are being complied with.





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