New crowdfunding platform using blockchain technology

Crowdfunding using blockchain technology




A new platform will enable charity campaigns to be organised to raise money in support of various projects and people in need. It is aimed at NGOs, social start-ups and private individuals.


This is the first crowdfunding platform to be created using blockchain technology. The platform allows its users to donate money instantly to NGOs and private charity campaigns.


The idea of its creators is that the platform should be a forum where people can start their social project free of charge and raise money for the achievement of any goal; help someone in need; fund raise to resolve a social or environmental problem, or in support of a specific charity.

“Our platform is the first for Russia IT resource which will allow people to raise funds for non-commercial projects in ways that are both convenient and fully transparent. Given the tendency for campaigns to go viral on social media, together with the platform’s proactive involvement and the opportunity to form teams to organise fundraising activities, authors of charitable projects will be able to collect many times more donations and draw public attention to important social and environmental issues”, said Oleg Sharpaty, an IT entrepreneur and one of’s founding members.


The blockchain technology on which the platform is built is a decentralised fundraising infrastructure. All transactions are listed on a public register which anyone is free to access. All the procedures are transparent and fully protected against fraud.


The platform’s creators offer free marketing support for registered charities and NGOs for their projects, together with consultants who can advise on how to create and advertise a website, on ways to attract the public’s interest and secure grants to help develop a project.


There are also plans in the near future to launch blockchain-based projects for social initiatives, petitions, sustainable development, real estate, e-commerce and the sale of digital assets.







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