New Russian programme for training in support for victims of extreme trauma

The Ministry of Health with support from the Council of CSOs unveils programmes for advanced training in providing psychological support



The Ministry has developed model programmes and time frames for health workers to provide support for people who have experienced extreme trauma.


It has designed three advanced training programmes for health workers on “Diagnosing  mental disorders”, “Medical and psychological support in responding to instances of severe distress and adaptation disorders” and “Psychological and pyscho-therapeutic treatment for both victims of extreme trauma and their family members”.


All the programmes include general principles, learning objectives and outcomes, a standard curriculum and time frames. Draft Orders have been published on the federal website of draft regulatory and legal acts for public consultation (


The programmes range from 18 to 72 teaching hours. The medical and psychological support course will include modules on how to work with children and teenagers who have experienced deeply traumatic events.


In February this year, the CSO Council of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists carried out a survey in order to assess the quality of psychiatric care and pyscho-social rehabilitation provided by State health care institutions in a number of regions. According to Parlamentskaya Gazeta, a Ministry of Health Order will come into force in Russia from 1 July which will enable people with psychiatric disorders to receive expert support in polyclinics, day clinics and specialist hospitals, as well as having access to emergency and palliative care.



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