New service in Russia for people with problems with medical and social assistance.

Service for children and adults who face problems with receiving or paying for medical and social assistance.

The “Right Direction” service has started helping patients over 18 years old. Previously, the service helped children, but now adults can call the toll-free hotline for assistance.


On April 13, 2023, the “Right Direction” service began accepting requests from adult patients throughout Russia who are experiencing difficulties receiving or paying for medical and social assistance. Previously, the toll-free hotline (+8 800-303-3030) was used by parents of seriously ill children, but now the service also helps adults.

“After the age of 18, people lose many benefits, and most charitable foundations help only children. As a result, adults who find themselves in difficult situations often remain alone with their problems, but they also need support and assistance,” said Anton Yaremchuk, director of Right Direction.

Specialists will help patients obtain prescribed treatments, medications, rehabilitation aids, tests, and examinations. They will also assist with transportation to medical centres, accommodation during treatment, home care, employment, and disability diagnoses.

After calling the hotline, employees will check if the necessary assistance can be obtained from the state. If not, they will recommend relevant charitable foundations.

In two years of operation, the service has helped over 1,200 families receive necessary treatments, and more than 1,500 parents have received consultations from specialists and guidance for solving their problems.

The toll-free hotline (+8 800-303-3030) operates from 6am to 6pm Moscow time.


Translated by Spencer Michaels


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